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PR Campaign Planning – How to put together a pitch document

Continuing from my previous campaign tips post; I wanted to give you some insights into what I have learned about developing a pitch document. You may have an excellent campaign idea with well-thought suggestions about target audience, tactics and outcomes for the campaign, but this can all be misconstrued if you are not able to present it in a clear and consistent matter.

Before you put together your pitch document, you need to understand that the document is supposed to take your client through the whole journey of your campaign suggestion. When it comes to the content you are setting up, you should try to follow the client’s colours and typography, and not go to crazy about the visual layout.

First of all, you need to establish the current situation, by asking yourself the question “where are we now?” Here you get the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and experience, by:

  • (If you are not in-house PR) Providing a brief introduction about your agency/team, in addition to credentials and other relevant information about your company,
  • Information about the client – such as current situation and desirable prospects,
  • A situational analysis (this could include a competitor profile or statistics)
  • Concrete description of the problem or predicament – why do we need this campaign?
  • Could also include type of change required

Furthermore, you will need to present your idea of the appropriate strategy, asking yourself the question “where do we want to be?” Here you should include:

  • The “ideal situation” – this should be realistic, but visionary
  • The direct aim(s) with the campaign – what is the final destination?
  • Supporting objectives – these should give focus/direction to the campaign development

The next step is to explain how you would put this strategy into action, asking yourself “how will we get there?” This is one of the most important parts of your document, and should be include:

  • Your key message – what does the campaign need to communicate?
  • Audiences – who is needed to communicate with? (See my previous post for more tips on how to choose a target audience)
  • Your campaign strategy – how do we frame the communication?
  • Supporting tactics – how shall the strategy be executed?
  • It is also lucrative to include a objective setting, such as timescale of the campaign period

The final step is to explain how the campaign should be evaluated, which should features subjects to answer the question “how will we know we’ve arrived?” This should include details about:

  • How you will measure and monitor the success of the campaign (this should reflect back to your supporting tactics)
  • How you would evaluate the outcome of the campaign – for instance coverage in online media or traditional media
  • Provide information about how you perceive the successive completion of the campaign would be

So, hopefully you will be able to put together a perfect pitch document that you can be very confident and satisfied with to present to your client. If you felt that these tips were a bit confusing, I have also included a model from Anne Gregory’s book ‘Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaign’:

This model is basically explaining the same “ campaign journey”, but in a more straightforward and simpler way. I hope you found this information helpful, it certainly helped me to develop my very first PR campaign pitch!

– Maria


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