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A mobile approach to PR

So, how do you react when you are being assigned to create an app for the first time in your life as part of your master degree? Well, you start researching everything and everywhere about this little [big] social media tool!

Can our app become as successful as the Facebook app?  Source:

Can our app become as successful as the Facebook app?

My social media teacher Matt Holland (visit his blog here) said, “to understand how to create an app, you must first know that it should function as an extension of people’s ego”. In my opinion this explained a lot about how your mindset has to be when creating an app, as you should try to think “what’s in it for me?

In the process of creating an app campaign, there are 6 key strategic points that you should follow:

  1. Know your audience/community
  2. Consider how they are use mobile? (This is an essential part of your campaign)
  3. Think beyond the dilbelt cube (hence sometimes you need to involve other areas of the organisation you are working for)
  4. Repurpose content (Mobile want easy and quick alternatives when they are “on the go”, remember to adapt your content to a mobile perspective)
  5. Repurpose inventory (such as database, spreadsheet etc)
  6. Use data (mobile has many functions, use them! Examples are touchscreen, wifi, coding, portable, GPS etc.)

Thankfully we were recommended a very helpful technology developing website called ‘Conduit Mobile’, which allows you to create your own apps in a very straightforward manner. Although it was the first time creating an app for most of the people in my class, this website made it less fearful and unattainable for us “newbies” in the app world.

In addition, an essential knowledge when developing an app is that you should have a utilitarian approach; hence you need to assume that the app is something that will be used for a long period of time. Therefore, considering that it should be a social media campaign, the app may also have features that will be launched later throughout the campaign period as well.

I believe that this opportunity will give us a valuable experience that we will be able to expand on after we graduate. In fact, I believe that everything we have learned this far about social media is essential information that most PR practitioners should have some knowledge of. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that I am very excited to see the finishing result for everyone in my class. Wish me luck!

– Maria


2 thoughts on “A mobile approach to PR

  1. Er skikkelig stolt av deg for i det hele tatt å fått til å lage en app. Så skriver du så bra Maria!!

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