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The intriguing world of fashion PR

When I first started at University of Westminster, one of the subjects we talked about in class was the misinterpretation people often had about PR professionals and what they do. It seemed as the misinterpretations were often generated from television or films and how they portrayed the profession, whereas women were usually elegant party-girls who love to socialise and men were cynical, manipulative spin-doctors. These characters appeared to mostly be worked in consumer PR, political PR or fashion PR.  

Having started my 2nd semester, one of the modules I was anticipating the most was Fashion PR, and I have to say that after just a couple of lectures it has given me a completely different view of the world of public relations. I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect, given that my only experience I had with Fashion PR was through the television.

Nevertheless, by the second lecture we were treated with privileged company from the co-founder of Graduate Fashion Week and Vauxhall Fashion Scout, John Walford. He presented us with detailed insights concerning how to organize a successful fashion show. I was amazed with all the details you will need to evaluate, whereas everything from how you position the catwalk to where the toilets should be placed matters. And this is only one part of what Fashion PR professionals actually do!

It is my personal belief that Fashion PR has received a rather deceptive reputation, given that there are several essential qualities that are necessary to become a successful PR professional within the fashion industry, such as being extremely coordinated and fearless.

Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone. Intimidated?  Source:

Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone. Intimidated?

To provide some professional opinions in this matter, I have located a video that features some of the most influential fashion PR professionals in the US; Kelly Cutrone, DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht, and Cannon Hodge, the social media manager at Bergdorf Goodman. The video is quite long, but it gives you a lot of great tips on how to make it in the fashion PR industry. Find the video here!

In the fashion PR class we have already received our first assignment, which is to develop a fashion brand monitoring report whereas we need to review how a brand is portrayed in traditional media or social media, included how and where it is talked about in blogs. As brand reputation is an essential part of being a PR practitioner, I find it very intriguing to analyse if the brand’s values and products are being properly portrayed based on media relations.

How do you think fashion PR differs from other PR sectors?

– Maria


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